With a Straightforward Goal in Mind…

We launched Investperity with a straightforward goal in mind—to help individuals and businesses confidently achieve financial goals by simplifying and managing the investment process so you could focus on things that matter most to you. So, avoid the high fees, long meetings, and unnecessary solutions of conventional firms and experience a new and better way to invest.


Why Choose Investperity?

Focused Goal Investing

Our modern approach combines targeting client goals and utilizing a reliable proprietary trading model, turning clients' aspirations into realities.


Predictable & Affordable

Our management fees are half the cost of conventional investment firms, offering clients the ability to achieve their financial goals and save money.


Invest Confidently

Our team understands first-hand how challenging it can be to balance work-life, and we strive to help our clients worry less about their investments, so they can focus more on enjoying life.


What We Do

Our approach simplifies the process, helping you invest with clarity and confidence.

  • Your money is invested in low-cost mutual funds or ETFs.

  • Low trading frequency is used to avoid excessive trade costs and short-term capital gains.

  • Your portfolios will be managed tax-efficiently.

  • When available, the account types will dictate the investments.

  • Highly taxable assets will be placed in tax-deferred accounts, while low taxable assets will be placed in non-tax deferred accounts.

  • Your accounts will be tax-loss harvested on an annual basis to reduce tax expenses due to trading or capital raises for distributions.

  • Your portfolio will be managed to long-term market cycles.

  • When the market is in an expansionary cycle, your portfolio will be managed to take advantage of the expansionary environment.

  • When the market contracts, your portfolio will be managed to a more conservative allocation.

How It Works

Set Some Goals

Let's find out why you're investing by going through our step-by-step questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes, and we're on your way!

Play With The Numbers

With our easy-to-use projection tool, you'll be able to review how your money will work for you. Once you're comfortable with the outlook, there's only one last step!

Let's Get Started

After you've reviewed your goals and numbers, all that remains is filling out some pertinent info, and we're off to the races. We'll be in contact with you soon to confirm our partnership.